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slowly abandoning

I think I might be moving to Blogger. I still will post here occasionally with sketches and some photos but everything else will be on Blogger -->
this is mother of all posts!! many many photos ahead

this is gone completely wrong, i somewhat like the two photos, but everything else is poop. I was really upset that i ran out of time and energy like that, because the idea was grand, i might redo it sometime properly

it never snows here!! and all of a sudden this, it felt like i was in Russia again, so beautiful
The above is an assignment I might revel somewhat latter, yes it was cold, I could not feel my body after a while and it took a while to unfreeze my feet, but Im very much happy with it, got needed point across

and and and, some love I want to share with the world, I wanted to do this for quite some time:

Francesca Woodman, I love all of her work. It is the kind of photography I go crazy over

Irina Ionesco, her work is endlessly gorgeous! I die

Goya, I think this is one of the most frightening images I have seen

gottfried helnwein

forgot the artist, but the title was "why bother"

John Lavery

Matt Furie, for some reason this is very appealing to me :|

Matthew Barney

Roger Ballen

John Isaacs - You Said You Would Always Be There
this brings tears to my eyes

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